Advice For Athletes From An Orthopedic Physician’s Assistant

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Tanya grew up in Dubai and was a professional water-skier competing for Great Britain for the majority of her younger life. She has always desired to do the best at whatever she does and rose to the top ranking #1 in the world in her division in waterskiing.

After many injuries and setbacks, she took her drive and decided to become a physician assistant specializing in orthopedic surgery to learn to help and motivate people to live healthy and injury free. She obtained residency training at the much sought after Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. While working as a PA she is able to help people get back into their lives and athletics, but this is not the complete solution for most individuals. She became increasingly aware of techniques and solutions to help avoid and prevent many common issues she sees regularly in clinic.

Excited to expand her influence and educate people to empower themselves, she made a goal to get the best education she could in order integrate holistic medicine, essential oils, and whole food nutrition to help fill those voids. She believes each has a place in our lives and by using them in conjunction we can live happier, healthier, and more empowered lives.

She now devotes her time to not only creating her own total wellbeing and competing as an elite triathlete, but also uses whole food nutrition principles and integrative techniques to inspire, coach, and mentor individuals to attain their lifestyle and athletic goals. She enjoys working with individuals who are frustrated trying to navigate the confusing options for weightless and wellbeing. She works with those simply trying to loose weight, those who may be looking for alternative ways to deal with chronic wellness issues, and also with those trying to take their wellness and performance to the next level. She helps to empower individuals to find a clear path to integrate changes into you and your families life. It’s about balance and training the whole you.

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