Getting Into PA School

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How to Preserve When Rejected from PA School

Today I’m talking about When Rejected from PA School, you MUST Persevere! & Minorities In PA School – Physician Assistant School I’m Adrianna and here on my channel, I am documenting my journey on becoming a PA [ Physician Assistant ]. – PA School I’ll share with you my up’s and down’s, my experiences and …Read more »

I Made it into PA School: My Tips

PA school tips from a student who made it in during the 2017 application cyvle

How Many PA Schools Should you Apply to?

James Kim gives his advice on how many PA schools you should apply to

When is the Best Time to Apply to PA School? Answer = May!

James Kim answers the questions: “When is the perfect time to apply to PA school?” Answer – Apply in MAY!

How to get into a PA Program

This video is about some key points and tips that I did when I was applying to PA Programs. If you watch this video I explained a lot of things but if you have any questions or other things you would like me to discuss please comment below and I will make another video on those questions and concerns that everyone has.