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Physician Assistant Versus Dentist

I wanted to talk to everyone about my decision on why I’m choosing to become a physician assistant and not become a dentist after being in the field for 6years.. excuse me though late night post and running on 5hours of sleep and 24hr shift

Former White House PA Discusses his Military Career and his International Physician Assistant Experience

David Carnes, PA-C with Skagit Regional Clinics Urgent Care shares highlights from his 23-year United States Air Force career including receiving a Bronze Start Medal for his service in combat operations in Iraq and his service as a physician assistant as part of the White House health care team.

Army Physician Assistant Program

Army Physician Assistant Program. Go to to get all of the details.

Interservice Physician Assistant Program: A Student Perspective

The Interservice Physician Assistant Program at Fort Sam Houston trains members from all branches of the military to be world class healthcare praticioners. Master Sergeant Laramie Richmond is one of many students participating in this two year program which is both physically and mentally demanding in ensuring these students have what it takes to save lives out in the field.