Physician Assistants have the ability to work in variety of practice settings. In this Oncology section we meet PAs working in Oncology and learn about what thy do as a PA, why they love their job and what you could expect as a PA working in this field of medicine.

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Surgical Oncology Physician Assistant: Kimberly A. Sorber, PA-C

Kimberly A. Sorber, PA, discusses her role as a Surgical Oncology Physician Assistant at UVM

Understanding the Role of a PA in Oncology: Lindsey Lyle PA-C

Lindsey Lyle discusses the vital role of a physician assistant (PA) in patient care. Lindsey explains that the first goal of a PA is to keep patients healthy and to make sure they achieve the best medical management possible. How do the physician and PA collaborate? When should patients call the clinic? Lyle expands our understanding of a role that is often overlooked and misunderstood.
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