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Part 4: History of the PA Profession – Opportunities

The physician assistant profession is among the fastest growing and most desirable of health care professions with opportunities to work in a wide variety of specialties.

Part 3: History of the PA Profession – Leadership and Momentum

As the physician assistant profession gained traction, notoriety, and respect across the health care industry, PAs were elevated to national health care leadership positions.

Part 2: History of the PA Profession – The Early Years

After the physician assistant profession was launched in the late 1960s, PAs faced a long struggle to be accepted in the health care profession.

Part 1: History of the PA Profession – The Beginning

Led by Chairman of Medicine Eugene Stead, MD, the physician assistant profession was born at Duke University in 1965 to help meet the needs of the health care profession that saw a major growth of patients after the signing of the Medicaid and Medicare Act, and the returning of hundreds of thousands of service men and women from World War II.

In the Beginning: Physician Assistant Pioneers

Ken Ferrell, PA, and Victor Germino, PA, speak about being pioneers in PA education and the profession. And former program director Reginald Carter, PhD, PA, speaks about Dr. Eugene Stead, founder of the Duke Physician Assistant Program and the PA profession.