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In the Beginning: Physician Assistant Pioneers

Ken Ferrell, PA, and Victor Germino, PA, speak about being pioneers in PA education and the profession. And former program director Reginald Carter, PhD, PA, speaks about Dr. Eugene Stead, founder of the Duke Physician Assistant Program and the PA profession.

An Interview with the World’s First Physician Assistant

Interview with Ken Ferrell one of the first physician assistants and graduate of Duke Physician Assistant Program Class of 1967

Steve Joyner, PA-C provides pediatric care in a rural clinic 1971

Produced by the Veterans Administration updating hospitals about the Duke PA Program, Durham, NC. [color film and video recording] 1971.

History of the PA Profession

Find out how the PA profession got its start, and how early PAs paved the way for the profession’s growth and leadership in today’s healthcare system. This video was a collaborative effort between the American Academy of Physician Assistants and the Physician Assistant History Society. It was shown at a General Session at IMPACT 2013, AAPA’s 41st Annual Physician Assistant Conference in Washington, D.C.

Joyce Nichols PA-C, helped establish one of the first rural satellite clinics in the country

Produced by WNVT, Northern Virginia Educational Television Associates as a children’s career videotape highlighting Joyce Nichols, PA-C working in a rural satellite clinic in NC in the early 1970s.