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PA School Versus Medical School

Hi everyone! So by popular demand I was able to get these two amazing ladies (Grace and Vida) to do an interview with me. Both are currently applying to PA programs. Many people wanted to know why I went to medical school instead of some other rout in medicine. I feel that these ladies’ extensive …Read more »

Why PA is Better than MD

Why I Chose To Become A Physician Assistant Over A Doctor

Physician Assistant Vs Medical Doctor (PA vs MD)

Have you ever had questions about PA vs MD? Well in this video I’ll discuss the major differences and similarities between the two professions.

Why I Chose to be a Physician Assistant Over M.D.

If you’re watching this you’re probably someone considering a career in medicine and I hope to be of help! This is my first video covering some questions my readers submitted from my Instagram account and blog. In this video you’ll find answers to why I chose to be a PA over an MD, how much …Read more »

PA vs. Physician: Interview with a Physician Assistant

A lively discussion between a PA and an MD discussing the differences between PA and MD including the PA school application process, work life and many other topics including why to choose PA over MD and other healthcare professions.