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PA School Interview Preparation

Howdy everyone! I HAVE MY FIRST PA SCHOOL INTERVIEW!!!! I am so excited and happy and all kinds of emotions! This has been the greatest news of my life and I am hoping for the best in preparation, during the interview, and in the program’s decision to accept/waitlist/deny me. My advice is to review your …Read more »

Tackling the PA Application “Checklist”

Howdy everyone! I decided to make a motivational video that encompasses the idea of the PA “Checklist” we all have to work our way through to apply to PA school. Though the checklist is VITAL to apply, it does not mean you will be successful. This video highlights one of my biggest strengths AND weaknesses that I love about myself and struggle with.
If you have any advice or can relate, please let me know in the comments below!

Pre Physician Assistant Help: What counts as Patient Contact?

This video talks about what counts and doesn’t count as patient contact hours for your PA school application! In Texas we are lucky because many schools do NOT require a minimum number of patient contact hours – but this experience is so important!

What you can consider (but need to double check with the schools to be 100% sure!): Patient Care Tech, ER Tech, Cath lab Tech, Sonographer Tech, Radiology Tech etc… Medical Assistant, Scribe, EMT, Paramedic, CNA, nursing, phlebotomist, physical therapy assistant and much more! Please verify with the PA schools though: each has different expectations. This could mean that some will ONLY want paid hours vs. volunteer hours for example.

Pre Physician Assistant Student HELP! Community Service

Here is a video about my community service experiences. These take up a huge portion of the application in CASPA and is something each school you apply to is going to want to see!

Pre-PA help! When Plan A (or B, C, D, etc…) doesn’t work!

What happens when your PA school plans don’t work as expected?