Advice and tips on how to get into PA School and what to do if you don’t

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Physician Assistant Versus Dentist

I wanted to talk to everyone about my decision on why I’m choosing to become a physician assistant and not become a dentist after being in the field for 6years.. excuse me though late night post and running on 5hours of sleep and 24hr shift

Pre PA Advice How to Get Into PA School

Apply as early as possible – the earlier you apply the more likely you are to get into PA school Set a date for your application Having prerequisites completed depends on the PA school Work on your essay early  

How to Get Into PA School: Admissions Directors Speak

Mike Huber PA School admissions director gives his tips on how to get into PA school

How to Preserve When Rejected from PA School

Today I’m talking about When Rejected from PA School, you MUST Persevere! & Minorities In PA School – Physician Assistant School I’m Adrianna and here on my channel, I am documenting my journey on becoming a PA [ Physician Assistant ]. – PA School I’ll share with you my up’s and down’s, my experiences and …Read more »

I Made it into PA School: My Tips

PA school tips from a student who made it in during the 2017 application cyvle