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From Carpenter to Physician Assistant at Clarkson University

Aaron Cooper is a Physician Assistant Studies student at Clarkson University. This dad had a construction business for 12 years, but wanted to do more for his children and spend more time with them. So, Aaron and his wife decided he would make a big change. Aaron has gone back to school at Clarkson to …Read more »

How Hard is PA School?

Examples of what to expect in your first year. Mainly focusing on what courses I’m taking, how my professors are, and a couple tips to getting by.

A Day in the Life of a Physician Assistant Student

Follow along for a day in the life of a Physician Assistant (PA) student at DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine at Lincoln Memorial University (LMU-DCOM) in Tennessee.

What is PA School Like?

If you’ve every been curious about PA school or are interested in becoming a Physician Assistant then stay tuned while tell you all about my experience and if it’s worth it!

Making it through the First Quarter of PA School

Benjamin Judd discusses his first quarter of PA school and offers advice and tips