What is a PA?

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What is PA School Like?

If you’ve every been curious about PA school or are interested in becoming a Physician Assistant then stay tuned while tell you all about my experience and if it’s worth it!

Physician Assistant Profile – Life, work and pre-PA

Rosalie Adox works as a physicians assistant at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Cornell Medical center in New York City. She advises students to work hard, give it your best, and have job experience (although specific medical experience is best). Adox says that a large part of medicine is talking to people and so inter-personal skills are a must!

Pacific University Health Profession Education Physician Assistant Presentation

Pacific University HPE 190: Physician Assistant Presentation

Physician Assistant Salary | How Much Money Does a Physician Assistant Make?

Physician assistants earn competitive salaries and work under the supervision of physicians and surgeons. They often provide treatments, administer medications, write prescriptions, and more.

What is a PA?

A quick and entertaining summary of what PAs are and what they can do.